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Comprehensive Enhancements to Note Management

STAGE: In Development

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to the coaching module in Engagement Rx, aimed at improving the efficiency and accuracy of note management for coaches. These updates bring two crucial functionalities together to optimize how coaches interact with notes during their sessions.

Key Enhancements:

  • Pinning Feature for Notes: Coaches can now 'pin' important notes to the top of their notes list, ensuring that crucial details are readily accessible. This feature helps prioritize key information, making it easier for coaches to access essential insights and details at a glance. By simplifying access to important notes, we enhance the coaching process, saving time and boosting client engagement.

  • Enhanced Note Tracking and Audit Trail: We are refining how notes are tracked within the member admin area to address feedback regarding the display of note dates. The system will now:

    • Record and Display Original Creation Date: Each note will prominently display the date it was originally created, aligning this date with the context of coaching sessions and maintaining consistency in record-keeping.

    • Full Note History Visibility: A comprehensive note history will be available, providing a detailed audit trail of all changes made to a note. This feature ensures transparency and allows coaches to track the evolution of their notes over time.

Combining these features into one powerful update allows coaches to not only manage their notes more effectively but also ensures that they have a clear and accurate historical record of their interactions. This enhancement supports a more organized, efficient, and informed coaching environment, ultimately enhancing the overall coaching experience in Engagement Rx.

With our Pinning feature, your coaches can stay organized and focused, enhancing their effectiveness and the overall coaching experience.

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