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AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

The Avidon Health product team is excited to announce the latest updates to Engagement Rx! The team has been working hard to improve key features which will greatly benefit your team and clients.

New Articles Added to the Content Library 

There are new content additions to the content library! These additions include the following articles: 

Nutrients to Support Improved Mood, Energy & Focus by Telema Briggs, Ph.D., RDN 

Macronutrients 101: Carbohydrates by Telema Briggs, Ph.D., RDN 

Understanding Gut Health by Telema Briggs, Ph.D., RDN 

Please make use of this new content to increase engagement with your population. You can add articles to your messaging or add it to your program in other ways, like making it a to-do item.

Seamlessly Upload Your Videos into the Content Management System (CMS)

Previously, uploading videos into the system required manual work outside of the system. Now, when you want to upload a video, you can easily add it within our admin website.

Simply drop the video file into the new content tool, fill in the title field, add a thumbnail, and wait a few moments for the upload to be processed. Once it’s done, that’s it! All configurations are automatically handled behind the scenes, including the video ID and the video duration field.

New Support for Audio Added

The option to add audio files is now in the content management system. Adding audio files is as simple, efficient, and happens in seconds. You’ll also notice multilingual support, as you can add any number of files with different languages to the same individual audio content.

Enhancement to Settings for Audio and Video Components in Flows

You now have the option to include audio and video components in a flow. Previously, there wasn’t a way to ensure that the participant would allow the audio or video to play out when they reached it in a flow—they could have skipped ahead if they wanted—but we’ve now added the option to include a switch that disables the ability to skip ahead through the audio or video playback.

Reporting Enhancement: We’ve Separated Added Members and Registered Members

We’ve split reports for “Added Members” and “Registered Members” into two separate reports for more clarity. Both reports now have their own tiles, so when you’re customizing your dashboard, you can choose either or both and view them and their details separately. 

Multilingual Support for Automation Messaging

When you create an automation, you can set messaging components. We’ve now added the option to add multilingual versions of the messages in the automation builder, which allows you to easily translate the messages you create.

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