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Page Builder Released, Assessments Improvements & New Content

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

Page Builder Exits Beta

At Avidon Health, we believe in the power of personalized experiences to help drive engagement. That's why we're excited to introduce Page Builder, an innovative tool designed to help you create tailored health and wellness journeys for your users.

With a variety of built-in components at your fingertips, you can design targeted experiences addressing your users' specific health goals and interests. Whether they're focused on weight management, stress reduction, or any other health goal, Page Builder lets you design an immersive experience for each unique journey.

The power of Page Builder extends beyond content customization. With our intelligent automation feature, you can dynamically set your users' home page based on their selected health interests. This allows you to deliver a focused and distraction-free experience, helping your users to stay engaged and motivated on their health journey.

Page Builder puts you in the driver's seat, empowering you to create targeted, engaging, and personalized health experiences for your users. Enhancing health and wellness engagement has never been this personalized or this easy. Welcome to the future of wellness engagement.

If you're interested in using the page builder feature, please reach out to your account representative.

Assessment Data Collection Improvements

With this release comes improved behavior when interacting with assessment forms. When filling out an assessment multiple times, those individual sessions are now grouped in such a way that navigating between them is as easy as selecting the desired session from a drop-down. This streamlined navigation makes it much easier to scan a member's historical responses without having to leave the assessment window.

Additionally, a new option can be found relative to collection of responses that may have already been collected. This new option allows the admin to explicitly identify a response as having been re-collected when that response may be identical to the last. This is helpful when collecting longitudinal data points or responses that may remain the same over time - while explicitly acknowledging that the member was asked and had responded the same.

Content Library Additions

Our content team continues to create content to enrich your users' wellness journey. Our monthly content is created to provide diverse and insightful resources to engage and inspire your users. Following is a list of new content pieces, categorized by their associated keywords.

Chronic conditions, general health

  1. How and When to Use Crutches

  2. How and When to Use a Cane

  3. Managing and Alleviating Chronic Back Pain: Time, Medication, and Activity

  4. Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Easy Stretches for Relief

  5. Common Mouth and Throat Problems During Cancer Treatment: What to Know

  6. The Epley Maneuver: Relief for Vertigo and Dizziness

  7. 10 Common Headache Triggers with Explanations

  8. Using a Walker: Tips for Safety and Independence

  9. The Connection Between Smoking and COPD

  10. Building Strength and Managing COPD: Exercises for Better Breathing

  11. Limiting Salt Intake in Heart Failure Management

  12. Clearing Your Lungs: Techniques for COPD Management

  13. The Most Common Causes of Chronic Pain

  14. Carbohydrates and Sugar in Diabetes: Understanding Their Role in Management

Nutrition, healthy eating

  1. Nourishing Your Heart: How Food Choices Impact Heart Health

  2. The Benefits of Reducing Sodium Intake: Who Should Consider It?

Parenting, lifestyle

  1. Creating an Asthma Action Plan: Protecting Your Child's Health

  2. Ensuring Safety and Health for a Child with Epilepsy

  3. The Impact of Secondhand Smoke on Children: A Parental Perspective

Checkups, general health

  1. Recovering After a Lumpectomy

  2. Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG): Monitoring Your Heart's Response to Exercise

  3. Choosing the Right Emergency Room: Key Factors to Consider

  4. Bronchoscopy: A Vital Diagnostic Procedure

  5. Tubal Ligation: Understanding a Permanent Birth Control Option

  6. Screening Tests for Colon Cancer: Early Detection Saves Lives

Safety, exercise

  1. Safely Increasing Your Workout Intensity

  2. From Sedentary to Movement: Steps to Kickstart a More Active Lifestyle

  3. RICE Method: First Aid for Injuries and Swelling

  4. Getting Active Again After a Health Scare

Workouts, exercise

  1. Strengthen Your Core: Simple Exercises for Stability

  2. Quad Sets Exercise

  3. Strengthen Your Calves with Heel Raises

  4. Pelvic Tilt Exercise: A Key Move for Core and Back Health

  5. Hamstring Stretch: A Guide to Limber Legs

Medications, general health

  1. Common Side Effects of Depression Medications

  2. Inhaled Steroids for Asthma: Breathing Easier with Medication

  3. Radiation Therapy: A Vital Tool in Cancer Treatment

  4. Rebound Headaches: When Relief Leads to More Pain

  5. The Essential Role of Insulin in Diabetes Management

Welcoming baby, lifestyle

  1. VBAC vs. C-Section: Understanding the Differences and Making the Right Choice

  2. Coping with Back Pain During Pregnancy

  3. Understanding Postpartum Depression: A Common Challenge After Childbirth

  4. The Journey of Pregnancy: A Trimester-by-Trimester Guide

  5. Staying Active and Fit During Pregnancy: Safety Tips for Expectant Mothers

Sleep, general health

  1. Restful Nights: Tips for Powering Down Before Bedtime

Stress, wellness

  1. Relaxing Your Body to Soothe Your Mind and Manage Stress

  2. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Finding Peace in the Present

Self-reflection, wellness

  1. The Mind-Body Connection: How Your Thoughts and Feelings Affect Your Health

Substance use management, general health

  1. Bouncing Back from a Smoking Slip-Up: Turning Setbacks into Success

Brain health, wellness

  1. The Role of Brain Chemicals in Depression

  2. What is PTSD?

  3. The Path to Recovery: Overcoming Depression

Healthy weight

  1. The Power of Positive Thinking for Healthy Weight Management

  2. Positive Thought Patterns for Successful Weight Management

  3. Tracking Food and Exercise for Weight Management: Why it Works

  4. Creating a Plan for Successful, Long-Term Weight Management

  5. Preparing for Your Weight Loss Journey

  6. Diet vs. Exercise: Exploring Their Roles in Weight Management

  7. Tracking Food, Calories, and Exercise

  8. Embrace the Power of Movement: A Guide to Active Aging

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