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Page Builder Continues to Grow, Content Library Additions, and Feature Improvements

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

With this release our team continues development of the Page Builder tool while addressing a number of issues focused on existing features - improving the experience of content creators, coaches, admins, and participants alike. Additionally, our content team has introduced 60 new pieces of content - creating more opportunities to educate and guide your participants on their wellness journey.

Page Builder (Beta): Phase 2 Features

The power of Page Builder extends beyond content customization. With our intelligent automation feature, you can dynamically set your users' home page based on their selected health interests. This allows you to deliver a focused and distraction-free experience, helping your users to stay engaged and motivated on their health journey.

Page Builder puts you in the driver's seat, empowering you to create targeted, engaging, and personalized health experiences for your users.

This update serves to provide an overview of what's included with the Phase 2 release, what to expect in upcoming releases, as well as known issues.

Phase 2 of the Beta release includes the following: 

Page Management 

  • Create a page starting from scratch

  • Clone a page – Creates a copy of a page 

  • Delete a page 

  • Publishing – e.g., publish, unpublish, create drafts, revision history, etc. 

Page Editor / Viewer: 

  • Page Sections – Sections are containers for Page Components.

    • They include: 

      • General Settings:

        • Section Header – with options Title, background color, background image

        • Section Conditions – Supports setting conditional logic to control whether the section should display or not 

      • Section Types:

        • Component List – Displays a list of components

        • (NEW) Content List – Displays a list of content from the content library

        • (NEW) Tracker List – Displays a list of interactive tracker tile 

        • (NEW) Course List – Displays a list of interactive course tiles 

      • Pages Components:

        • To-Dos – Displays the member To-Dos tile

        • Goals – Displays the member Goals tile

        • Wellness Vision – Displays the member’s Wellness Vision tile

        • Content – Displays a tile for a specific piece of content 

        • Tracker – Displays a tile for a specific tracker 

        • (NEW) Page – Displays a button tile that when clicked, navigates the user to the specified page 

        • (NEW) Flow – Displays an interactive flow tile allowing a user to start a flow 

        • (NEW) Course – Displays an interactive course tile 

        • (NEW) Redirect – To link to third party sites 

Page Related Features 

  • Flows (v2)

    • (NEW) Action “Set Member’s Homepage” – Sets the member home page to a specific page 

    • (NEW) Redirect component has new “Page” destination to redirect user to the specified Page 

  • Automations

    • (NEW) Action “Set Member’s Homepage” – Sets the member home page to a specific page 

  • Deep linking to a page over single sign-on (SSO) using RelayState value format: Page-{{Page ID}} 

What is Not Included 

The following functionality is not included in this release and will be included in future updates: 

  • Page Editor

    • Auto-save of changes 

    • Collapsible component/settings panels 

    • Previewing a page 

  • Page Components 

    • Call-To-Action – Displays the Call-to-Action tile 

    • Custom – Displays a custom designed tile within the confines of the WYSIWIG editor 

    • BMI Calculator 

    • Calorie Calculator 

    • Personal Journal 

    • Reminders 

  • Page Builder documentation for using the Page Builder CMS 

  • Support for public pages 

  • Out-of-the-box Page Templates 

Known Issues 

The following are known issues with this beta release: 

  • Page editor display of components not optimal or doesn’t work well with a responsive layout 


Page Builder Feedback and Support 

Page Builder feedback should be submitted through our product communication website at:  Look for the "Leave feedback" link on any page of the site.  All feedback is invaluable for improving Page Builder.  We're particularly interested in feedback on conditional logic for Page Sections and any part of the Page Builder CMS admin experience that is confusing.  

Page Builder will initially be released as a closed beta. This phase will give select clients the opportunity to explore its features, test its capabilities, and provide valuable feedback. If you're interested in getting early access and shaping the future of personalized health and wellness experiences, please reach out to your account representative to participate in our closed beta testing. We can't wait to embark on this journey with you!

Improvement to Automation Processing Speed

Before this latest improvement to automations, it was possible for some automation actions to take up to 60 seconds before being fully processed by the system. While in the majority of automations this delay would typically go unnoticed with no impact to the user experience, there are some specific scenarios - such as an automation that adds a To-Do list item for participants - that would be best observed as soon as possible.

We are happy to report that this release includes an update that effectively removes any delay when processing automation actions - greatly improving the overall user experience.

Word Wrap Issue in Messaging Resolved

It's been observed that when viewing participant messages, in some cases words may be split or "wrapped" in a way that creates orphan characters. This release includes a fix to prevent this condition from occurring, improving the ability to easily scan and read messages.

Improved Insights into Participants Who Cannot be Contacted

When attempting to communicate with participants it is possible that a condition may occur in which the participant cannot be contacted. Common conditions that prevent communication include when a participant choses to opt-out of messaging, or when an invalid e-mail address has been provided. When one of these conditions occurs, the “Compose New Email” and “Compose New SMS” buttons are disabled. However, when these buttons are disabled, there was no indication for the admin as to why they could not communicate with the participant - which could lead to confusion and possibly hinder resolution in some cases.

With this release, admins will now be provided additional insight into why communication has been disabled in the form of hover/rollover tooltips.

Content Library Additions

Our content team has been hard at work creating content to enrich your users' wellness journey. Our monthly content is created to provide diverse and insightful resources to engage and inspire your users. Following is a list of new content pieces, categorized by their associated keywords.

Chronic conditions, general health

  1. What are Seasonal Allergies and How Can I Manage Them?

  2. Diabetes and Exercise

  3. A Guide to Healthy Eating for Managing Diabetes

  4. Steps to Monitor Blood Pressure at Home

  5. Managing Chronic Back Pain: Safe Techniques for Getting in and Out of Bed

  6. The Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

  7. Treatment Options for PTSD

  8. Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: Memory Loss and More

  9. Examining the Connection Between Diabetes and Carbohydrates

  10. The Importance of Regular Blood Sugar Testing for Diabetes Management

  11. Preventing Heart Failure: Steps Towards a Healthy Heart

  12. What is a Stroke?

  13. Staying Positive After a Stroke

  14. TIA: A Warning Sign of Potential Stroke

  15. Self-Care Tips for Managing Pneumonia and Speeding Recovery

  16. Combating Cancer Fatigue: Strategies for Renewed Energy

  17. Understanding Osteoarthritis

  18. Knee Arthritis: What to Expect and How to Manage It

Sleep, general health

  1. Getting the Sleep We Need to Unlock Our Full Potential

Stress, wellness

  1. Understanding PTSD: Healing from Emotional Wounds

  2. PTSD: 10 Tips to Monitor Your Moods and Well-Being

  3. Finding Inner Peace: How Yoga Helps Manage Stress

  4. What is Mindfulness?

  5. Embrace Mindfulness: Effective Methods to Stay Present

  6. Deep Breathing for Relaxation: A Simple Guide to Unwind

  7. A Guide to Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercises

  8. Exercise and Mood

 Welcoming baby, lifestyle

  1. Understanding Gestational Diabetes: A Guide for Expectant Mothers

  2. 5 Practical Steps for Reducing the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

  3. Coping with Morning Sickness: Tips for Expectant Mothers

  4. Signs of Labor: The Exciting Countdown to Meeting Your Baby

  5. Nourishing Your Body: Healthy Eating Choices for Postpartum Care

  6. The Choice of Caesarean Birth: A Safe Option for Some Moms

  7. Treating Prediabetes and Preventing Diabetes

  8. Exercise for Gestational Diabetes

  9. Gestational Diabetes and a Healthy Diet

  10. Why Does Morning Sickness Happen?

  11. Early Pregnancy: What to Expect in the First Couple of Weeks

Self-reflection, wellness

  1. Sarah’s Story: Eating Healthy in Social Situations

Brain health, wellness

  1. Defining Depression and Identifying Causes and Symptoms

  2. Depression is Common and Treatable

  3. The Impact of Depression on All Facets of Life

  4. Understanding Recurring Depression: The Persistent Battle

  5. The Silent Toll: How Depression Affects Your Body

  6. The Power of Connection in Treating Depression

Environment, lifestyle

  1. Creating an Ergonomic Workspace for a Healthier You

Checkups, general health

  1. What to Expect During a Mammogram

  2. Lumpectomy: Understanding a Common Breast Cancer Surgery

  3. What is a Mastectomy?

  4. Understanding a Hysterectomy

  5. A Step-by-Step Guide for Spotting Skin Cancer

Environment, lifestyle

  1. Ergonomics: Designing Home and Work for Comfort and Efficiency

Medications, general health

  1. Medicines to Manage Chronic Pain: Finding Relief and Comfort

  2. Understanding Opioids: Powerful Painkillers with Risks

  3. Naloxone Administration for Opioid Overdose

  4. Warfarin and Vitamin K Balance

Workouts, exercise

  1. 7 Simple Exercises to Do While Sitting at Your Desk

  2. Seated Exercises for Older Adults

Substance use management, general health

  1. Treatment Options for Substance Use Disorder

Social support, lifestyle

  1. Spirituality for Comfort and Peace with Cancer

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