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New Activity Tracker and Content Library Additions

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

The Activity Tracker

This release marks the first in a series of new trackers that will expand upon our existing offering of biometric trackers.

The activity tracker allows members to record physical activity over time. Members will now have the ability to collect and track time spent on activities - by manually entering records or by syncing with their existing devices or wellness apps.

Tracking activity promotes progress with fitness goals and the monitoring of exercise routines. Data visualization allows members to effortlessly chart their progress, set personal targets, and make informed decisions to optimize their fitness routine.

Content Library Additions

Discover new ways to enrich your users' wellness journey with our latest content additions. Our content is created to provide diverse and insightful resources to engage and inspire your users. Dive into the new pieces and optimize your users' health and wellness experiences.

A new set of content is being added surrounding the themes of walking, mindfulness, and creating sustainable behavior change. Here, you'll find a list of that content organized by library category and associated keywords.

Workouts, exercise

  1. How to Properly Stretch for Walking

  2. Ways to Fit Walking In

  3. A New Exercise Routine: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Stress, wellness

  1. Finding Peace in Everyday Moments

  2. The Science Behind Mindfulness, Breathing, and Stress

  3. Deep Breathing Exercise for Mindfulness (audio)

  4. Mindful Meditation (audio)

  5. Setting Boundaries: The Importance of Understanding Your Needs and Limits

  6. 10 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles to a Healthy Life Balance

Self-reflection, wellness

  1. What is Self-Talk and Why Does It Matter?

  2. A 3-Step Process for Correcting Self-Talk

  3. Mindfulness Techniques to Cultivate Positive Self-Talk

  4. Journal Prompts for Positive Reflections

  5. 6 Dimensions of Wellness: Assessing Where You Spend Your Time

  6. How to Create SMART Goals for Dimensions of Wellness

Behavior change, wellness

  1. How to Set Reminders

  2. Alysha’s Story: Finding Creative Ways to Walk

  3. Staying Motivated with Your Walking Routine

  4. Sam’s Story: Making an Exercise Routine Exciting

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