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Introducing Two New Courses for Weight Loss Medication

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of two new courses designed to support participants in their journey with GLP-1 medications (including Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro, to name a few). As these medications continue to gain popularity, it is becoming increasingly important to spread awareness of healthy lifestyle habits to maximize benefits and reduce the occurrence and severity of certain common side effects. These courses are crafted to be taken consecutively, providing the most current information with powerful, practical strategies. Both courses were developed concurrently and cooperatively by experts in the medical and lifestyle coaching fields.

Course 1: Preparing Mentally for Weight Loss Medication

This course aims to equip users with the knowledge and mental readiness required for beginning GLP-1 medication. It emphasizes the importance of a supportive mindset and realistic expectations, guiding users through understanding the potential impacts and adjustments in lifestyle needed for optimal outcomes with GLP-1 therapy. Serving as a foundational step, this course ensures users are mentally and emotionally prepared for their journey, complementing the medical guidance provided by healthcare professionals.

Course 2: Sustainable Results with Weight Loss Medication

Designed for users currently on GLP-1 therapy, this course empowers them to achieve and maintain sustainable health outcomes by integrating lifestyle medicine and behavior change principles into their daily lives. The course focuses on practical strategies for nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and sleep, tailored to complement GLP-1 treatment. In this course, users will gain insight, concepts, and tools that will enable them to foster long-term wellness habits specifically designed to do fulfill two objectives:

  • Enhance the beneficial impact of GLP-1 therapy

  • Reduce the likelihood of common, negative side effects

These courses reflect our commitment to providing holistic support that addresses the physical, practical, and psychological aspects of health and wellness. We believe that these new additions will significantly enhance the experience and success for anyone who has started or who is considering GLP-1 medications.

If you'd like to see more details about these courses, click here.

Public Access Feature in the Page Builder

In our continuous effort to improve the flexibility and accessibility of the Engagement Rx platform, we are excited to announce the new public access feature in our Page Builder. This enhancement enables you to create and share engaging, custom pages that do not require authentication to view—they can be shared with anyone!

Key Features and Benefits:

Expanded Accessibility: This update allows for a broader audience reach, making it possible to share informational and educational content with non-registered users.

Includes Essential Page Builder Components: The update includes a curated selection of components tailored for public viewing, such as BMI and Calorie Calculators, custom content sections, redirects, and interactive flows. These components can be used to cater to the needs of both anonymous and logged-in users.

Engage More Users: With all the tools and components at your disposal, you can create pages that will captivate a diverse audience, ensuring they receive relevant and useful tools and information.

Easy Setup: The process of enabling public access is as easy as selecting the "Blank Public Page" tile from the catalog—one click, and you can begin building!

How It Works

  • Create a New Blank Public Page: Choose the Blank Public Page tile from the catalog in the admin’s page builder tool.

  • Create the Page: Build the page using the features, components, and content you want.

  • Share the Link: All new pages will automatically be created with a URL that you can use to share the page with anyone.

This update aligns with our mission to continually hone and expand upon the capabilities and functionalities of Engagement Rx. By enabling a public access option in our page builder tool, we aim to empower our clients to share their vision and extend their reach as broadly as possible.

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We are making this update to better serve our customers and set the stage for improved help desk support and self-help content and videos in the future.

So, stay tuned...

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