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Introducing New Automation Templates and Interactive Course Tiles

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

New Automation Templates

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to one of our most important and useful tools: introducing automation templates. Automations are used to easily and efficiently serve a wide range of purposes, from triggering flows to scheduling coaching appointments to issuing communications to members. Now we have added the template feature to the automation tool and are unveiling two system automation templates to kick it off! These templates provide clients with pre-configured, best-practice messaging campaigns that can be used with little-to-no customization.

New Automation Templates

  • Course Progression Encouragement: This automation encourages participants to continue a session if they have not completed it within 7 days, reminding them to keep their learning and/or behavioral change journey on track.

  • Participant Re-engagement for Site Abandonment: This automation initiates a messaging campaign if a participant has not logged in for more than 10 days, aiming to draw them back into active participation.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency: Save time and resources by leveraging pre-built solutions that encapsulate industry best practices.

  • Customizability: While templates provide a solid foundation, they can be fully customized to meet the specific needs and nuances of different audiences and goals.

  • Effectiveness: Boost participant engagement and prevent prolonged disengagement with strategically designed automations that address common drop-off points and engagement barriers.

These templates are crafted based on typical engagement challenges and are easily adaptable, allowing clients to modify triggers, conditions, and actions to align with their unique engagement strategies.

Note for the future: We plan to continually add more templates to the catalog to fit more scenarios as we make refinements based on feedback and evolving engagement best practices.

"By Activity" Sorting Option in Page Builder

We have introduced a new sorting option called “By Activity” in the page builder for list-based sections, including course sections, challenges and group programs, and trackers. This sorting logic guides participants when they return to their portal, presenting them with their most recently accessed tools and content first, then allowing them to explore new opportunities and revisit completed endeavors.

How It Works

Course Section Sorting

  • In-Progress Courses: Displayed first, aiding participants in continuing their ongoing learning activities.

  • Not Started Courses: Listed next, visible for participants ready to start new courses.

  • Completed Courses: Shown last, allowing participants to review or revisit completed material.

Challenges and Group Programs Sorting

  • Registered Programs: Displayed first for easy access.

  • Open Registration Programs: Listed next for available programs.

  • Closed Registration Programs: Displayed last, where registration has ended.

Trackers Sorting

  • Sorted by most recent use, placing frequently used trackers at the forefront.

Key Benefits

  • User-Friendly: Participants can easily find and engage with the tools and content they have most recently used and are likely to look for when they return.

  • Habit-Building: Reduced time spent searching for relevant content means that participants who access a specific feature or tool daily will easily be able to find what they're looking for; this ease-of-access can boost consistency-of-use.

Interactive Course Tiles for Increased Engagement

We have revamped the course tiles which—alongside the new "By Activity" sorting option explained above—provides a more interactive, intuitive experience for users. This update transforms how participants view and engage with available courses directly from the course list page. Course tiles have been redesigned for a crisper, cleaner presentation and include navigational buttons based on the member's previous interaction and involvement with specific courses:

Key Enhancements and Features

  • Interactive Course Tiles: Display thumbnail images, titles, state information, and direct-action buttons.

  • Start Now Button: Encourages immediate engagement for not yet started courses.

  • Continue Button: Facilitates easy resumption of in-progress courses.

  • Completion Indicators: Options to restart or review completed courses.

  • Access Course Home Page: Direct button to access detailed interactions and resources.

Key Benefits

  • Improved User Experience: Participants can quickly assess and act on their course status.

  • Increased Engagement: Direct-action buttons streamline the learning process.

  • Flexibility: Allows participants to manage their learning activities efficiently.

Expanded Event Triggers for Challenge and Group Programs

We are excited to announce we've added more options for event triggers to Challenge and Group Programs. Throughout the duration of Challenge and Group Programs, there are certain key moments when it is most beneficial to communicate with participants. The first iteration of event triggers included options triggered by member actions, including Registration Completed, Registration Cancelled, and Program Completed. With this release, we are adding options for program-triggered events (with default messaging for Program templates) that are designed to alert participants at certain scheduled program points, reminding them to review their activity at strategic moments.

New Engagement Event Triggers Include:

Module Starting:

  • Triggers an Automation +/- days relative to a module start date.

  • This event can be configured for each Module within the Program.

Module Ending:

  • Triggers an Automation +/- days relative to a module end date.

  • This event can be configured for each Module within the Program.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Flexibility: Customize the timing and content of communications to better match the specific needs of each program and participant group.

  • More Efficient Options: Streamline communication workflows, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency in messaging.

  • Improved Engagement: Use precise timing to send motivational messages, reminders, or important information at critical points in the program.

  • More Comprehensive End-User Support: Members will receive relevant messages and interventions exactly when needed, enhancing their experience and support throughout the program and keeping them updated at key moments; for instance, if a module is scheduled to end soon, participants who have not recorded activity yet can be prompted to by an automation reminding them that the module will soon be over.

These new triggers and settings provide our clients with powerful tools to automate communications and interventions based on specific stages of participant involvement. By enabling more precise timing and targeting of messages, these enhancements can significantly improve participant engagement, motivation, and program completion rates.

Communication is Key

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