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Introducing an Exciting, Key New Feature - Group Programs

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

Introducing the Group Programs Feature

Empower Your Staff to Reach, Manage, and Engage Larger Populations with Ease!

We are extremely proud and excited to announce the release of our Group Programs feature which enables staffs (of any size) to instantly become more powerful and effective in their ability to reach and engage with more participants. Group Programs addresses the critical need to remove hassle and maximize your staff's potential.

Group Programs are dynamic, multi-phased engagements designed specifically to serve large groups of participants conveniently and effectively. Creating a program is easy and straightforward:

Group Programs supports the ability to create multiple cohorts per program, each with their own live-sessions schedule, and you can monitor attendance and activity with the Group Coaching reports.

Key Features: 

Comprehensive Support: Elevate the overall experience with a blend of expert content, personalized advice, and motivational boosts. With Group Programs, your staff can sort participants into cohorts where they'll experience the support of other participants as, together, they forge a supportive pathway to achieve and sustain their wellbeing goals, ensuring they feel guided and valued every step of the way. 

Manage Rosters and Send Bulk Communications: Need to reschedule a live session? Want to make participants aware of a new, important addition to your content library? No problem: view rosters by cohort and quickly and easily send communications to entire cohorts for special messages or alerts related to group coaching.

Review Group Coaching Reports: Get the data you want in an instant—the Group Coaching Summary report provides comprehensive data on registration and activity within the program on both an individual and cohort level. With these reports, you'll get a quick-and-general or a detailed-and-individual view into individual and cohort activity.

Integrative Page-Builder: Empower your vision with our intuitive page-builder. This tool simplifies the creation and management of group programs-related content, allowing you to effortlessly craft personalized experiences for your programs. From educational videos to practical tips, it streamlines the way you engage members, making it easier than ever to inspire lasting changes. 

Activate Group Programs Today:

Unlock the full potential of your program initiatives now. Visit our dedicated Group Programs page for an in-depth look, or directly reach out to your Client Success Manager to bring Group Coaching to your members.  

Note: Group Programs is a premium offering and will not be automatically added to existing portals. Please contact our Client Success Team for activation details.

Here's what else is new...

We've also made two updates to the admin system (one enhancement and one UI improvement) and the ability to create customized menus for member portals.

Increased View- and Edit-Ability of the Member Homepage

Admin users can now view and change a member’s current homepage from the Member Details section.

To do this, simply open the Account Info panel where you can see the current homepage assigned to the member listed beneath the Group field. For companies with the Page Builder feature enabled, the homepage can be changed by selecting any of the pages available in the portal:

Improved UI in Reports Section

We have updated the reports section to create a more organized, structured presentation, making it easier to access the reports you're looking for. The 16 reports are now listed intuitively under 5 categories, providing a cleaner interface. Here are the categories and the reports:

  • Member Reports—Logins, Added, Registered

  • Course Reports—Starts, Completes, Event Summary, Progress Summary, Event Details, LivingFit Weekly Activity

  • Coaching Reports—Appointments, Lead Contacts, Tasks, Group Programs

  • Content Reports—Challenges, Flow Responses

  • Misc Reports—Audit Log Report

Ability to Create Customized Member Portal Menus

Clients with the Page Builder feature enabled can now exercise greater control over their members' portal experience by creating customized menus for their portals. Once this feature is enabled, admin users can add, remove, and rearrange menu items for their portals as they prefer.

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