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Goals, Keyword Updates, New Templates and Library Content

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

Ability for Members to Edit Goals

We’ve added the ability for participants to edit their personal goals on the Member Homepage.

Goals are an important part of the behavior change process and for participants can provide a sense of direction, motivation, and focus. This update will allow members to fine-tune or adjust their goals as they make progress towards their wellness vision. 

Improvements to Content Keywords

Keywords have been updated to include a common set of industry-standard terms that allow for better organization of library content.

Keywords are associated with content and used throughout the Engagement Rx platform to organize and present content. With this enhancement, system content has been updated to include an improved set of keywords that best categorize the subject matter.

This set of keywords is also intended to be used as a guide for your own content creators to help align your custom content with Engagement Rx’s own best practice.

For more information about how to use keywords for content visit our wiki

New Engagement Rx Templates

New templates have been added to the system: the first is a lifestyle questionnaire that will help with assessing a member’s current habits and needs; the second is a series of new SMART goal templates in the Goal Management tool that are related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and chronic conditions. 

Templates are system provided, premade content (including flows and goals) that you can use with little-to-no customization to interact with participants in a variety of ways for specific purposes. Essentially, templates enable you to quickly and easily achieve important goals related to coaching and scheduling, gathering feedback, and raising participant engagement.  

The following templates are ready for use in your portals: 

  • Lifestyle Questionnaire (Located in Flow Management)

    Once a participant is sent this flow template, they will be ushered through a series of questions that assesses their current habits and needs. This template provides a baseline assessment to be used prior to the participant starting their health and well-being coaching. It is recommended to reassess every four weeks using this flow template to track progress and coaching impact.

  • Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Chronic Condition SMART Goal Templates (Located in Goal Management)

    These SMART Goal templates allow you to easily assign a participant a goal related to Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep or Chronic Condition Management. By assigning these goals to participants, they will appear on the portal dashboard to view, act on, and complete.

 Additions to the Content Library

The content library continues to expand with new articles that explore fitness and menopause. 

Our content library is an expansive collection of videos and articles that address health and coaching topics most important to you and your participants. 

In this release, we’ve added a set of new articles and videos that are available for use via the content library or content management section of the admin website.

  • Menopause and Brain Fog

  • The Stages of Menopause

  • Get Families Moving Together


If there are questions about any new functionalities or the benefits gained from these features, please let us know at

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