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Flows 2.0 Grows, Assessment Improvements, and Content Library Updates

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

Flows 2.0 Updates

We are pleased to announce that Flows Version 2 continues to grow! Our successful beta test provided us with valuable feedback from our users, and we have used this to create additional features to streamline your user experience.

  • Copying Flows: One of the new features is the ability to easily copy a Flow. By allowing you to replicate a Flow with just a click, you can save time and maintain consistency across your engagement sequences.

  • Anonymous Flows: Furthermore, we have added anonymous Flows to the lineup. Use this feature to collect unbiased feedback or for initial engagement sequences prior to user registration. Gather important insights without invading anyone's privacy.

With these two new features, Flows Version 2 will undoubtedly elevate your user engagement. Streamline your experience and maximize efficiency while enjoying the enhanced customization options.

Assessments Improvements

We are excited to announce a new update to our Assessments feature, designed to provide you with even greater insights into your progress when collecting information from members. With this update, you'll now be able to easily distinguish between previously recorded responses and new responses, giving you a clearer view of your data.

  • Enhanced Response Tracking: You can now differentiate between responses that have been previously recorded and those that are new. By visually separating previously recorded responses from new ones, you can quickly identify any updates or changes in the data collected from your members. This feature provides you with valuable insights into your members' progress, helping you make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Structure Improvement to Content Library

Keywords were updated to include a common set of industry-standard terms that allow for better organization of library content. With this enhancement, system content has been updated to include an improved set of keywords that best categorize the subject matter.

Now, you will notice the structure of the content library has been updated to improve the user's experience. These improvements better organize the content library's structure so users can easily find the content they need.

Content Library Additions

Discover new ways to enrich your users' wellness journey with our latest content additions. Our monthly content is created to provide diverse and insightful resources to engage and inspire your users. Dive into the new pieces and optimize your users' health and wellness experiences.

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