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Exciting New Features Added to Engagement Rx

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

New Tasks Report Added to the Admin Website 

We’ve added a new tile called Tasks Report, which provides information on coach task activity. The Tasks Report tile provides helpful information about coaching activity so you can better track data on how tasks are completed; like all report tiles in the admin dashboard, it can be customized. 

Within the admin website, you have the option to add different report tiles and customize your dashboard, which allows you to view the data and reports that are most important to you immediately after logging in. The Task Report tile displays tasks in the portal with their status (color coded for pending, completed, or canceled). 

In this example, you can see five different tasks with varying statuses for each:

This tile gives you a quick glimpse at the tasks in the portal and how many currently exist in each of the three statuses (canceled, complete, and pending). When you click the expand option, you can see more details displayed in tables, including the due date, the assigned coach, and who the task is for (when applicable and only for admins with PII enabled).  

The Task Report can be customized and filtered using any combination of the following fields: 

  • Date range 

  • Portal 

  • Portal Group 

  • Lead Coach 

  • Task Type 

  • Task Status 

You will notice that by seeing all the task activities via the Task Report, you will be able to better inform your participants about modifications in their individual wellness journey. 

Import and Export Capability Added for Content 

We’ve added the ability to export and import flows, assessments, and goals; this feature enhancement greatly simplifies the process of adding customized content across multiple portals. 

When you need to create customized flows, assignments, and goals, you can now complete the process once (in one portal) and use this new export-import capability to copy it into multiple portals. This enhancement greatly improves efficiency and reduces the amount of work needed to create custom content for multiple portals. 

Here's an example of how the export/import enhancement works using a demo assessment: 

After creating a flow called “Participant Assessment” in a portal, it can now be used in all the other portals. Rather than having to recreate the flow for each portal, you can use the export tool from the flow manager table: 

Now, to enter the next portal to use it in, go to the flow manager, and click the IMPORT button above the table: 

When you use the export/import tools, you will notice how much easier it is to deliver helpful content to your participants, while saving you even more time. 

New Templates Added to System 

New templates have been added to the system: the first is a flow template that will help participants begin an Engagement Rx digital course that is most appropriate for them; the second is two SMART goal templates in the Goal Management tool that are related to stress-management. 

Templates are system provided, premade content (including flows and goals) that you can use with little-to-no customization to interact with participants in a variety of ways for specific purposes. Essentially, templates enable you to quickly and easily achieve important goals related to coaching and scheduling, gathering feedback, and raising participant engagement.  

The following templates are ready for use in your portals: 

  1. Onboarding to Digital Courses (Flow Template for Participants) 

Once a participant is sent this flow template, they will be ushered through a series of questions—branching as their responses dictate—that identifies which of the Engagement Rx digital courses are best suited for them. This template provides a simple and complete process to get a participant started with a behavioral change or educational course that is most relevant to them. 

  1. Stress SMART Goal Templates (located in Goals) 

These stress SMART Goal templates allow you to easily assign a participant a goal related to stress reduction. If you send these goals to any participants, they will appear on the portal dashboard for participants to view, act on, and complete.  

Addition to the Content Library 

The content library continues to expand with a new article that explores healthy cuisine around the world. 

Our content library is an expansive collection of videos and articles that address health and coaching topics most important to you and your participants. 

In this release, we’ve added an entertaining and informative article, Diversifying Your Plate: Plant-Based Eating Around the World by Telema Briggs, PhD, RDN, and Health Coach. This article highlights the importance of eating a wide variety of healthy foods, as it explores the culinary customs and cuisine, by region, around the world. The article informs the reader of regional food traditions around the globe as it encourages them to try healthy foods and preparation techniques that are perhaps unfamiliar to them.  

If there are questions about any new functionalities or the benefits gained from these features, please let us know at

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