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Engagement Rx: What's New in Our Latest Release

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

We are excited to announce the latest updates to Engagement Rx. Our new release is focused on enhancing the user experience for both our clients and their customers. Here's what's new:

Enhanced Notifications for More Engaging Coaching

  • Unread Coach Messages Count: Your participants will never miss an important message again! Our updated Notifications bell now includes a count of unread coach messages, ensuring participants are always informed and engaged.

  • Direct Access to the Coach Message Center: With a single click on the Notifications bell dialogue, access the coach message center directly. This seamless integration fosters easier communication and a more connected coaching experience.

Simplified Calorie and BMI Calculations

  • Revamped Calorie and BMI Calculator Interface: We've redesigned the user interface for our Calorie Calculator and BMI Calculator Page Builder components. Our new simpler, two-step design first collects the participant's information and then presents the results, making it easier than ever for members to understand their health metrics.

  • Updated BMI Calculator Recommendations: Our BMI Calculator now recommends the nearest healthy weight for participants, instead of a mid-range healthy weight. This approach sets a more achievable weight loss goal, encouraging participants on their wellness journey.

Ongoing Improvements and Fixes

  • Various Bug Fixes: We've squashed several bugs in our quest to provide a flawless user experience. These fixes improve the overall stability and performance of Engagement Rx, ensuring a smoother experience for all members.

At Engagement Rx, we are committed to continuously enhancing our service to better meet the needs of our clients and their customers. This latest release brings us one step closer to that goal, with improvements that make our platform more engaging, user-friendly, and effective.

Thank you for your continued trust in Engagement Rx. We're excited for you to experience these new features and improvements!

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