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Coach Profiles and Redirect to Message Center

AUTHOR: The Avidon Health team

While our team is hard at work building some exciting new tools - this release we would like to highlight some feature updates focused on improving communication between the Engagement Rx system and your participants.

Message Center Redirect

When communicating with your members through the Engagement Rx system, copies of communications are automatically added to the member's message center. This feature then allows members to easily view their communication history in a single location within the system.

With this release we've added the option to redirect members to their message center using the existing Redirect Component. This now gives you the opportunity to improve engagement with this messaging feature and encourage communication with coaches when desired. Content creators can either choose to automatically redirect members using Flows or display a redirect tile when building pages using the Page Builder.

Coach Profiles

Admins with the coaching role now have the ability to include additional profile information that can then be leveraged by the Engagement Rx platform when displaying information to participants about individual coaches. These new additions include the ability to add a personal Summary, or bio, and to upload a Profile Image. These new properties in concert with the existing Contact Name field provide a new level of personalization at key interaction points when allowing members to view coach details is desired.

Currently these interaction points include:

  • The from name of e-mail communications when a coach sends a direct message to a member.

  • The coaching tile when added using the coaching component in the page builder tool.

The coaching profile is part of an admin's profile which can be accessed via the 'Profile & Preferences' link under the admin name drop-down.

The Coach Profile Page Component

From within the Page Builder tool you'll have the ability to add a coach communication tile to your pages.

This tile can be associated with an individual coach and when presented to participants will display the properties from the coach's profile along with a button allowing them to send a communication directly to the selected coach.

Communication is Key

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